Say hello to the summer of code

This Summer is going to be great. It was my first attempt at GSoC and I’m glad I made it through.
I have been selected as a Google Summer of Code 2018 student at Statsmodels under the Python Software Foundation where I’ll be responsible for developing an Automatic forecasting model for time-series data.
The aim of the project is to implement an automatic forecasting infrastructure for statsmodels similar to auto.arima()/ets() of the ‘forecast’ package in R. The goals will be to use the existing models of statsmodels like SARIMAX and ES to build a forecasting method that would automatically detect the best model and forecast values based on that model.
Automatic forecasting algorithms determine an appropriate time series model, estimate the parameters and compute the forecasts. They are appropriate for various time series patterns, and applicable to large numbers of series without user intervention.
As of now, I have planned to start my project by first creating a modular infrastructure for the complete automatic forecasting process which I should be able to fit in any new models or variations as per requirements.
I have prepared myself with all the basic requirements that I need to have in terms of theory(Statistics background knowledge) and a good hands-on the python language which would help me to give a kickstart to my project.
I’ll be updating my whereabouts for this project here on this blog.

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