Weekly Check-in #1

Published: 06/02/2020

Hello there, I am Himanshu Tripathi, a final year CS undergrad from NIT Silchar. I have been contributing to DFFML from past few months and got selected to spend this summer (and lockdown :P) working on Adding Machine Learning models and Operations in DFFML

What did I do this week?

I worked on DataFlow Diagrams. Diagrams show the input and output flow of data among operations in DFFML using Mermaidjs. I added the feature to show the conditional dependence of one operation on the others if there exist any.

Ok, What's next?

I wil be working on adding Question Answering model in DFFML.

Did I get stuck somewhere?

Yes, I got stuck in few places, but we have meeting twice a week and my mentor is very active (Yayy!) so everything got resolved quickly.