Weekly Blog Post #3

Published: 07/06/2020

So this week I had my first evaluation. It went great also I received my stipend today so hurray.Extracting golang metadata with shell is frustrating not every go lang module have licenses or the copyright text in a set format. So writing a generic script is quiet challenging I researched on how go license works turns out they have a dedicated license parser as well as scripts which can request license from github. But we can't do that. This week was mostly debugging and restarting again. Now I am trying to work on go.sum file. Extracting names and versions is easy. So all the go modules live in ~/go/pkg/mod and then repo name. But we can't cd into module dir with its name because some does which have upper case letter in their name have different directory name. My exams are also nearing so I have to study for that too . :P