Week 1 check-in

Published: 06/01/2020


I'm Abijith Bahuleyan, an undergrad from India. This is my first experience with GSoC and I'm really excited. The journey started on beginning of Feb. I learned a lot in this pursuit. Git, Github, React, Javascript are some of them. 

What did I do this week?

I was working to setup a button to shutdown the server. It's almost ready. I tried to understand how the client makes requests and how they are handled by the server. Prototyping a template engine to generate python code corresponding to analysis made in the GUI. I have gone through some the analysis in the GUI.

What is coming up next?

I have to cover all analysis in GUI as fast as I can. Then I will create notebook templates.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Yep, unit test for the Shutdown Button is yet to implement.