Weekly Check-in #3

Published: 06/15/2020


Pandemic is continuing its rage. This week is no different than the previous week. Almost everyone is drifting through time-space, without doing anything. Just rewinding the old memories.

 What did you do this week?

 I almost finished the prototype for generating the notebook. I'm waiting for a more detailed review from the mentors for further improvement.

 Did you get stuck anywhere?

Nope, So far so good

What is coming up next?

Add more modifications after the review of mentors. I'm also planning to explore metaclasses in python as it may improve the code. also planning to develop the other parts of the project.


“Metaclasses are deeper magic than 99% of users should ever worry about. If you wonder whether you need them, you don’t (the people who actually need them know with certainty that they need them, and don’t need an explanation about why).”

— Tim Peters