June 25 - Jul 2, 2023: Week 5

Published: 06/28/2023

I discussed the following debuggers for C++:UBSan and Valgrind. And if I can get my Linux machine working, gdb. I started using LLDB on VSCode C++ and it was wonderful.


Refactored the `get_PKs_level` function into two functions now where the `get_PKs_level` helps pass the fold expression and the corresponding iterator to the `get_PK_level` function, which can then use the iterator to perform compile-time if/else functions, such as dereferencing, or locating into the iterator.


Furthermore, I spent this week refactoring the C++ code specifically for calculating the “min_ik”, “advancing the iterators” and “getting the PKs”, which all follow a design that is more readable, yet still compile-time evaluated.