Weekly Blog Post #3

Published: 07/11/2021

What Have I Been Working On: This week, I’ve been working on finishing the "Connectivity" data structure class container. I've successfully used "xarray" as the underlying data structure and implemented improvements in the API to simplify user experience when dealing with different connectivity structures. I've added additional unit tests to bring up the coverage from 79 to 82%. Now I am working on adding additional functionality to the saving/reading of the connectivity data structures as "netCDF" files. In addition, I'm working on improving the API for "envelope correlation" function. Finally, I've implemented storage optimizations for RAM for "symmetric" connectivity arrays. My plan for the upcoming week is to finish these functional improvements and then add in other connectivity functions that were previously implemented in the open-source package "scot". What Have I Been Struggling With: Getting the functional improvements working was difficult, especially with respect to reading/writing files. This is due to some minor bugs with respect to data types. What Solutions Have I Found: I'm trying to convert most of the data types stored within xarray to basic data types. I've also been backtracking my steps to see which changes caused this error.