Weekly Check In - 10

Published: 08/13/2020

What did I do till now?

I started implementing the CONNECT method for Tunneling via HTTP/2. After a lot of testing, I realized the approach I was taking was not really feasible, hence next I plan to work on an approach which initially uses HTTP/1.1 CONNECT to establish a connection with the proxy and then shifts to HTTP/2 for all the requests made via proxy. 

What's coming up next? 

Next week, I plan to

  • Make the PR for H2ClientProtocol ready to be merged with master - verify all cases covered via tests, other tests pass and there are no bugs introduced
  • Implement the CONNECT method using combination of HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Yes, this week I had many problems while adding support for tunneling for proxies. I have planned completely another approach for next week using HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2. Let's see how it goes :)