Weekly Check In - 12

Published: 08/30/2020

What did I do till now?

Last week I was working on finishing up the HTTPNegotiateDownloadHandler. Presently the download handler uses ALPN or NPN (whichever is available) to negotiate a protocol (presently one of HTTP/1.1 or HTTP/2) from the remote server and issues the requests on the respective download handler. Presently, all requests made via proxy are directly issued using the HTTP11DownloadHandler

What's coming up next? 

I plan on continue working on implementing the CONNECT method for HTTP/2. 

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Yep. I was stuck for almost a week on the CONNECT protocol. Now, I have managed to fix the bug where the raw TCP connection instance could not be switched to HTTP/2. However, there are some issues during the TLS handshake with the final target resource 😥.