Weekly Check In - 2

Published: 06/15/2020

What did I do till now?

Add support for both GET and POST requests in the HTTP/2 Client. I read up setting up tests with Twisted. 

Whats coming up next?

Next week I plan to 

  • Finish up with HTTP/2 Client Protocol implementation
  • Add tests & documentation

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Initially in my first approach while testing I realized that the client works for requests having response size which is less than the total flow control window. However, for the case when really large response is expected the client was indefinitely waiting and eventually timeout. The fix for that was relatively very simple --  acknowledge each data frame received 😁. This week I also tried to setup testing environment using the inbuilt MockServer in Scrapy which I have not been able to successfully setup due to the issue with setting up HTTP/2 connection with my client and the custom server. Still working on that!