Weekly Check In - 4

Published: 06/30/2020

What did I do till now?

Last week I was working on

  • Writing tests for HTTP2ClientProtocol
  • Add support for large number of requests over a single connection

I finished both of the tasks above. I added inline docstrings for most of the methods. Still working on public documentation!

What's coming up next?

Next week I plan to

  • Start working on H2ConnectionPool and H2ClientFactory which are responsible for handlng multiple connections to different authorities. Present implementation is capable of handling large number of request over single connection to only one authority.
  • Finish the public documentation of HTTP2ClientProtocol

Did I get stuck anywhere?

I am very new to writing tests using TwistedTrial so was having minor bugs while setting up the testing environment and writing tests. Apart from this there was no major blockers during the last week 😁