Week 5 - Progress Report

Published: 07/16/2022

Tasks Accomplished This Week

Issues Closed/Partially Completed

  1. [New] Parse raw, byte and formatted strings · Issue #512 · lcompilers/lpython (github.com) [CLOSED]
  2. TODO: Extract type hints from the comments · Issue #485 · lcompilers/lpython (github.com) [CLOSED]

Merged PRs

  1. [Parser] Parse raw strings by akshanshbhatt · Pull Request #734 · lcompilers/lpython (github.com) [CLOSED]
  2. [Parser] Parse indexing operations on attributes by akshanshbhatt · Pull Request #751 · lcompilers/lpython (github.com) [CLOSED]
  3. [Parser] Parse `type-comments` in `for-loops` by akshanshbhatt · Pull Request #724 · lcompilers/lpython (github.com) [CLOSED]

Problems Faced This Week

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  • While working on making the BoolOp node have multiple values of expr type, I faced numerous issues. I could not make it match the output from the current parser. Thirumalai and I collaboratively worked on it and overcame most of the problems. It is mostly complete and requires some minor changes before submitting the final patch.

Plans For Upcoming Week

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  • The new parser still generates many errors I found while testing on Python files from NumPy and SymPy repos. I will open issues related to each of these errors and fix them. One good sign I noticed was that whatever AST the new parser generates (after commenting out the error causing part) is highly accurate compared to the existing one.