GSoC Blog Post #1

Published: 06/15/2021

Hey All,

It's already been a week now since the GSoC coding period has begun and I have started working on my project.

What did you do this week?

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I have designed a high-level API for the python library this week and started to implement the rules mentioned in MIME sniffing standards. I worked on section 5 according to the standards i.e. "Handling the resource metadata and headers". One of my mentors suggested creating a template for the project before moving on to further coding. Therefore, I set up a template for the library with file, added a BSD license file and configured tox environment for various tests like flake8, typing, py, black.

What is coming up next?

I will start with the implementation of section 6 i.e "Matching a mime-type pattern" and will try to add some tests. Currently, I am using a simple hard-coded test for the library but this week I will try to automate the tests using python unit tests and add more tests as I build the library.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

No, last week went quite seamlessly as I have done similar work earlier, and also, the mentors were always there for suggesting me the best.