GSoC Weekly Check-In #4

Published: 07/19/2021

Hello Everyone!

I am elated to share that I have successfully cleared the first phase of this year's GSoC program. I would like to thank my mentors for their consistent support and PSF for giving me this opportunity to work as a GSoC developer. The knowledge and experience I gained in the first phase of the program is beyond my imagination. The final phase has begun and I look forward to have a great experience in that too.

What did you do this week?

I started to integrate my library xtractmime for MIME sniffing into Scrapy framework. I tried to change the method of scrapy's mime sniffing so that it covers the scenarios where earlier implementation was failing. I didn't remove the older implementation of mime sniffing as Scrapy should be backward compatible and just added a new function to it. I also added a new functionality to my library xtractmime to detect a mime group based on Content-type passed to it.

What is coming up next?

I will continue my work of integrating xtractmime into Scrapy and try to finalize the implementation so that I can start working on testing part later.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

There was a little confusing with the usage of `X-Content-Type-Options` header as xtractmime use it as a parameter but Scrapy's current implementation doesn't require it. So, maybe in future it will be required.