Week 3: MNE-Python Code Sprint

Published: 07/05/2022

This week I had a great code sprint in a transitioning role from sprint participant to more of a mentor which was really great. I helped Adie with her tutorial about importing and integrating objects from 3D Slicer into MNE https://github.com/mne-tools/mne-python/pull/10803. I also finished abstracting the backend code so that there are working examples for both the notebook and pyvistaqt backends for a wide range of widgets that covers those that are used in the MNE GUIs currently. I still have to refactor the GUIs to use these backends though. This has been quite a bit of work and isn't really the main thrust of the GSoC project but it is the low-level code that it depends on so it is really essential that it be done well for this project for its stability into the future. The added benefit is that it benefits all the other MNE GUIs as well and will make them much more portable across the two backends as well as opening up the possibility of adding new backends.