Week 5: Merging PR, Progress

Published: 07/12/2021

This week, I made a lot of progress on setting up for the GUI. A PR is approved that refactors the freesurfer functions that are necessary for the GUI. Also, more thought and effort went into the data a typical user would have, their workflow and the coordinate frames that the image processing will function in. This has culminated in two more PRs in progress for refactoring the electrode volume morphing, which contains many functions that will be reused in the pipeline, and adding anatomical segmentations from a montage which uses those functions. Those anatomical segmentations will be used to provide functionality that takes a label, uses marching cubes to determine surfaces and displays the 3D surfaces along with the electrode contacts. Those PRs will be in the coming weeks. Halfway though, much progress has been made and I'm happy with where the project is at and confident that a good product can be delivered on time.