Weekly blog post #6

Published: 07/12/2021

What are you working on?

This week I made some fixes, enhancements, and new things:

Fixes: I worked on the Brython console. The output was given as a static block and when the text shown was very large, you could not see it due to the size of the iframe. To solve this, I implement a CSS style that allows the block to be scrolled and resizable. I also added another style called sticky, so that the console is always visible at the top of the iframe and the rest of the content below it. Here is the PR

New things: An interactive Python interpreter was required for the first lecture. For this I used a Brython library called Interpreter and added them to the first lecture of the course TWP05. Here is the PR

Enhancements: Lastly, I did a general review of all the lectures. I removed the content that was duplicated (like: titles, images, text), change some images that were screenshots of a fraction of code, for elements like code-blocks, code-lens or activecode. PR #128 and PR #129

What have you struggled with?

Runestone uses a tool called Sphinx to build the projects. I have struggled with its limitations and learning the syntax for reStructuredText files. For example, to color text it is needed to embed html. It does not have an instruction for that.

What solutions have you found?

The .. raw::html instruction helped me. Since is writing in HTML syntax it has more documentation coverage and it allowed me to add color to the text.