weekly update 14 June - 20 June

Published: 06/16/2021

1. What did you do this week? I tried to implement support for `has` selector. Got confused, because I thought I have to implement >, +, ~ inside has and also support nesting `has` inside `has` or `not`. We cleared this up with mentors and desided to place nesting support in stretch goals. I still haven't got valuable result, because i overestimated my capability to understand code base and the only thing I did at the moment is add a couple of asserts in tests, added pdb's to see what happens while parsing the new expression, run the tests, watched them fail, adjusted some lines. I still have 4 days this week to try my best to finish this feature and catch up with proposal timeline. 2. What is coming up next? Depending on my success this week it will be next step from proposal as planned or it will be finishing this week's obligations 3. Did you get stuck anywhere? Code base feels much bigger than the real amount of lines of code that there actually is