Weekly Blog Post #1

Published: 06/22/2022

A New Journey Begins

Hello, my name is Anshuman Dhiman, a Pre-Final Year Information Technology student from India. I will be polishing & adding new features to EOS Icons Figma & Adobe XD Plugins and also work on EOS Icons Website during Google Summer of Code 2022. I will be working with EOS Design Systems on the project : EOS icons Figma and Adobe XD plugins and website.

What did I do this week?

With the guidance of the mentors in the community bonding period, I started setting up the project repositories. Figma and Adobe XD plugins are two distinct plugins that will be developed independently and concurrently. The goal of the first week was to test the codebase and update the documentation for both plugins (EOS Icons Figma Plugin and EOS Icons Adobe XD Plugin). This includes updating the documentation describing (how to run the plugin?) and providing relevant test commands before submitting a Pull Request to maintain cleaner code. Additionally, I am also testing the functionality of the plugins and the codebase locally to check if they are properly implemented and require any changes.

What is coming up next?

For the upcoming week, I will be continuing to test the codebases and finalize both the plugins so they can be scheduled for publishing on the Figma & Adobe XD communities. In order to keep accurate release versions in the projects, I will also be adding semantic releases to both the plugin's repositories. This could involve making improvements to the Github workflows and packages files so that they can generate and maintain a release version based on the type of commit message.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

While testing the codebase, I ran into trouble making changes that involved making a separate file for a hook. My mentor Abhirup sir helped me understand this, and I am now working on implementing the change.