Week #2: Feature additions in UI and IO modules

Published: 06/13/2021

What did I do this week?

This week I had to work on 3 PR's as well as some documentation. I really enjoyed this week's work as the tasks were really interesting. The aim for these PR's were to actually add a couple of features in the UI as well as the IO module, which includes, adding support for border in Panel2D, adding support for network/URL images in load_image method in IO module, adding resizing Panel2D from bottom right corner, completing the document with layout solutions provided by Unity/Unreal engine. Below are the PR's that I worked on:-
  1. Added support for URL image in load_image: The load_image of IO module didn't support network /URL images, so I made this PR to add support for the same.
  2. Added support for border in Panel2D: This PR was made in association with the Card2D PR. This PR adds support for border in Panel2D. The borders are individually customizable just like in CSS. This PR needs a little tweaking in terms of getters/setters. The same support needs to be added in Rectangle2D
  3. Complete the document with layout solutions provided by Unity/Unreal engine: Completed the document with layout solutions provided by Unity/Unreal Engine
  4. Behind the scenes I also worked on a Watcher class for the UI elements. The purpose of the watcher would be to monitor the UI elements for any changes after they have been added to the scene. A PR should be up by 2-3 days.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

I had a minor issue with the tests for the IO module. When running the tests for IO module using pytest 5.0.0 resulted in Window fatal error, this was a sideeffect of pytest 5.0.0 wherein support for faulthandler was added. This error was suppressed by using certain flags while running the tests.

What is coming up next?

Next week I would probably work on adapting the GridLayout with UI elements, some other tasks that will be decided in the next meeting.

See you guys next week!