Week #9: More Layouts!

Published: 08/02/2021

What did I do this week?

Below are the tasks that I worked on:-
  1. AAdded Horizontal/Vertical Layout to the layout module: These PRs add support for Horizontal/Vertical layouts. These layouts allow the actors to be placed in a horizontal/vertical stack.
  2. Finalizing Card2D UI element: As panel border, wrap overflow PRs were merged this week I updated the Card2D UI to take advantage of these features.
  3. Added GSoC blog posts: Added GSoC blog posts in .rst format for the FURY's blog website. Also reviewed the blog posts of other members.
  4. Added support for dragging by label text/icon in Tree2D UI: Added support for dragging TreeNode2D by the label text/icon. This will help making the Tree2D as well as TreeNode2D UIs more mobile.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

For now I am not stuck anywhere but I have yet to start my work on freetype this could pose some trouble.

What is coming up next week?

Next week I will finish the remaining UI elements which includes Accordion2D, SpinBox2D.

See you guys next week!