Week 3

Published: 06/12/2023

What did I do this week?

In a nutshell, I revamped our approach by transitioning from the LLVM backend to the C backend. This change unlocked numerous benefits, including simplified code generation and improved compatibility with C-based tools and libraries. I would highly recommend going through my person blog for more detailed information as to how I generated code through the C backend . A link to it can be found here GSoC: Blog 3.

What will I be doing the next week ?

In the upcoming week, my focus will be on generating accurate C code for symbolic addition operations, introducing additional binary operators, and implementing casting functions for primitive data types.

Did I get stuck somewhere ?

During my journey, I faced a couple of challenges, particularly with handling assignments through SymEngine's C interface. However, after careful exploration and collaboration, I found effective solutions and made necessary adjustments to overcome these obstacles. More about this can be found in my personal blog attached above !