Week 5

Published: 06/29/2023

What did I do this week?

This week, I successfully merged my first two GSoC pull requests within the first four days. I also introduced additional functionality, including symbolic binary operators and a casting function. As a result, I could solve programs involving symbolic expressions and identified potential issues with print statements and operator chaining. More about this can be found in my personal blogĀ here.

What will I be doing the next week ?

Moving into the next week, my focus will be on ensuring the generation of correct C code for scenarios involving operator chaining. Additionally, I plan to implement elementary functions like abs and sin. My goal is to open a third pull request with these changes and work towards getting it merged.

Did I get stuck somewhere ?

During my progress, I encountered a challenge with achieving compatibility for intrinsic functions that have multiple arguments, such as binary operators. I am currently working on addressing this issue and plan to provide a more detailed explanation in the upcoming week.