Week 8

Published: 07/17/2023

What did I do this week?

This week, I focused on framing a symbolic ASR pass to extend symbolic support from the C backend to other backends like LLVM. I collaborated with my mentors to understand key concepts and worked on transforming the original ASR to support C calls to SymEngine's C wrapper header file. For more detailed information y'all can refer my personal blogĀ GSoC_week8

What will I be doing the next week ?

Next week, my plan is to finalize the implementation of the ASR pass and ensure it works seamlessly across different backends. I aim to have a concrete implementation ready by the end of the week.

Did I get stuck somewhere ?

While working on the ASR pass, I faced some challenges in understanding certain concepts like CallReplacerOnExpressionsVisitor and BaseExprReplacer. However, with the guidance of my mentors, I was able to overcome these hurdles and make progress towards the completion of the pass.