GSoC week 1

Published: 06/10/2020

This week I've been largely focused on blog posting bugs, notably #394 and #396. These two bugs are not actually part of the python-blogs codebase, but the now-abandoned aldryn newsblog projected which we use as a dependency.

Since aldryn_newsblog is abandoned and its repository set permanently read-only, the first step was pull that module into the python-blogs tree. After spending a few hours unsuccessfully attempting to merge aldryn_newsblog's commit history into a python-blogs branch, then merge its branch with the master, I gave up and just copied aldryn_newsblog's final version as a subdirectory (abandoning its 5 years of commit history in the process). Someday, if anyone really cares and has more git experience than me, they can always run this merge "correctly".

$ pip uninstall aldryn_newsblog

Uninstalling aldryn-newsblog-2.2.1:
  Would remove:
Proceed (y/n)? 


So long global module, hello local module, and - the website still works.

I'm now staring at the mess that is our tag cleaning. There appears to be at least three HTML cleaners used by the python-blogs codebase, but embarrassingly I found most of #394 can be resolved by adding tags to gsoc/ and appears to have almost nothing to do with aldryn_newsblog.