Week 0 : Checking in :))

Published: 06/01/2020

Hi there, I am Aryan Gupta and during GSoC'20, I will be contributing to Mission Support System under PSF. I'll be working on enhancing KML support in MSS!

What did you do this week? 

As the Community Bonding Period came to an end, my focus shifted from reading KML documentation, to going through relevant codebase and testing. As per discussions with my mentors, I realised that testing is quite an important part of the project, and I gave adequate time working on pytest, and improving the test coverage for MSS.

What is coming up next?

The coding period starts today! I have two tasks to accomplish this week : Adding FastKML Support & solving relevant issues caught by Bandit, and displaying the recently loaded KML files in the Browse Option.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I was a bit intimidated by the new technologies that I got to know while researching. But I figured, that given enough time and focus, I'll be able to accomplish my project :)) 

Time to get back to coding!