Week 9 : Testing Phase 2

Published: 08/03/2020

Hello! This is the start of the third and final month of the GSoC program :)) Its time to tie up loose strings, and patch up the work in a good form :))

What did you do this week?

I started writing tests for the KML Overlay file. I read a lot about Testing : Pytest, Assert, Mocking, Patch, Decorators etc. I also went through tests from other files to get a gist of how to write tests, and the type of mindset required to write them.

Since my work on tests is a bit slow owing to my novice-ness and experimentation, I also decided to finish up 2 other work-points : 

1. Enhancing KML Features : Added MultiGeometry functionality, and improved code

2. Collecting Test Samples : KML File samples to test out different parsing and displaying capabilities of the software

What is coming up next?

Test writing will take up the major part of my week. I would also like to finish up with the OGC Conformance Suit for Validating KML Files, and creating packages for samples. It will lead to a major reduction in my workload for the following weeks (since online classes will be starting as well).

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I have been having  tough time writing tests. I am going through various test cases, and its particularly tough since I have to test if the right image is being displayed. In my mind, I can think how to do it, but its not easy to convert it into code.

Hope I am able to finish these up by next week :))