Weekly check-in #1: 13/05 to 20/05

Published: 05/21/2019

Hello everyone. Welcome to my first of the 12 Weekly updates. I am working on integrating SHAP explainability into ELI5 (ScrapingHub).

What did you do this week?

This week was mostly spent on Discussion with the mentors to change some Portions of my proposal to Streamline it better with the organization's goal. Different Implementations were considered and corresponding pros/cons listed out. With help from @prado and @kmike, my proposal was narrowed down to 3 Main Phases. Accordingly I updated My proposal and re-uploaded on it on this site. I have contributed a feature to ELI5 before and wasn't aware of how to use tox and the native testing libraries in python when I started but was able to pass it with continuous feedback from @Konstantin. Hence, this week I invested time to pick the best practices in python unit testing and  Also started getting familiar problem with Travis CI.  

What is coming up next?

  • Setting up Tox on my local environment and installing all the dependencies.
  • Keep Learning about Tox and unit testing.
  • Get more familiar with PEP8 as dependency was increasing on autopep8 for formatting.
  • Start to investigate the TreeShap Paper and break it down, cross checking with the TreeExplainer of SHAP library to incorporate sklearn tree based models. (This will be mentioned every week over the next 3 development weeks for each model incorporated that week.)   

Did you get stuck anywhere?

No specific Issues, But a problem statement regarding Black Box Models Implementation A.K.A Phase 3 which requires more ground work. My main goal will be to quickly integrate phase 1 and phase 2 to spend maximum time on finding optimal method for phase 3.


Thank You for staying till the end. :)

Ashwin Bhat