Weekly check-in #3: 30/05 to 9/06

Published: 06/09/2019

Hello everyone. Welcome to my third of the 12 Weekly updates. 

What did you do this week?

My decision making process was tested this week. According to my timeline I was supposed to be done with PhaseOne of my project by this week, but I am only 2/3 there. The reason being, the code was getting duplicated and I had to make decisions regarding reusing or customizing existing functions without breaking the previous implementations. Most of my time was spent making decisions than coding. My mentor then suggested to make draft pull requests, so he can review whether the path I was following was desired or not. Based on FeedBack I was able to polish the existing Implementation and write test cases for the same.

What is coming up next?

  • Integrate LightGBM shap explainability in eli5
  • Raise A PR for Phase One.
  • Start to investigate the TreeShap Paper and break it down, cross checking with the TreeExplainer of SHAP library to incorporate sklearn tree based models. (This will be mentioned every week over the next 2 development weeks for each model incorporated that week.)   

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I was stuck up trying to reuse code vs making custom function while duplicating some portion of the reusable code. @prado helped me figure out that I could omit some variable and use the partial function from functools to achieve reusability.
Thank You for staying till the end. :)

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