Weekly Check In [25th June to 1st July]

Published: 07/01/2019

What did you do this week?

I completed the tests in the second type of assignments and made the pull request for the same. I filed an issue in the Runestone Components Github Repository regarding re-population of answers in the MCQ and Fill in the blanks components. I rearranged the videos according to the respective topics and added another file containing the remaining videos related to recursion.

What is coming up next week?

I will mainly work on the following things - 

  1. Issues related to usage of libraries such as urllib in the example components
  2. Translating lecture files to Spanish ( First batch ) using Sphinx Internationalization
  3. Contacting Runestone to help getting the course onto their server

Did you face any difficulties this week?

I faced some difficulties due to re-population of answers, which turned out to be just storage of cache data by browser. Still, the issue has been created so as to create an option to stop re-population completely. Other than this, I did not face any major issues.