Weekly Check In

Published: 07/14/2019

What did you do this week?

I worked on the Translation of files. Using Sphinx and the sphinx-intl library of python, I generated doctrees, .pot files and .po and .mo files which will be used in the translation process. Using Google Translate and an online .po file editor, I worked on translating the lectures to Spanish.

What is coming up for next week?

I am going to complete the translation of lectures and assignments, try to contact Runestone to upload the course on the server and start working on the examples issues.

Did you face any issues?

I faced quite a few problems this week. Most of them were related to generation of .pot files without disturbing the lectures and the framework components within them. After that, the translation didnt work perfectly, there are quite a few glitches, as sometimes the components get disturbed and the build is not made.