Weekly Check Ins [ 10th June - 24th June ] [ Combined blog post for 2 weeks ]

Published: 06/24/2019

What did you do these 2 weeks?

I completed making the interactive assignments using Runestone components. I have already made a pull request for the first type, the Coding Bat assignments, and I am going to make the pull request for the second type soon, after completing some test cases. I have also added the assignments to the GitHub Pages static build.

What is coming up this week?

This week I will work on  - 

  • Making the Pull Request for the second type of assignments.
  • Translating the lectures to Spanish
  • Working on the issues related to examples that require external libraries and databases

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Nope, I didn't get stuck anywhere with the assignments yet. However, there is one question that requires a database ( text file reading, runestone components use the runestone servers's database ), and that will be handled along with the example issue.