Starting off with EOS icons website

Published: 07/14/2022

Hello, my name is Ayush Satyam, a Junior year Computer Science undergrad student. I will be migrating the website to Next.js and TS and also adding some significant UI/UX changes. I will be working with EOS Design Systems on the project : EOS Icons Next.js & TypeScript Migration.
What have I done till now?

My project is to migrate website to use Next.js and Typescript. Using Next.js for react based front-end projects opens the doors to multiple benefits like in built SEO, routing and improved performance due to several optimisations. Till now I have initialised a Next.js project and migrated a major portion of the old code-base to the new project. Next.js has a built in router, so I have migrated the old code to to use Next's router. I have also migrated the styling from the older project and ensured proper exception handling at some points in the code-base. I have also managed to handle all window events because Next.js is server-side rendered and we don't have access to browser objects directly.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

I got stuck in migrating the Navigation panel as it was using the reach router's way of navigation and lifting up the props instead of using standard logic. I also got stuck in migrating images and SVGs for certain sections of the website and I working on figuring it out.

What is coming up next?

I plan to finish the Next.js migration as soon as possible and get started with the TS migration of the app. After the migration process is done I am planning to update and do the necessary UI changes.