XSPARSE Week - 12

Published: 09/05/2022

The 12th week was significant as I was able to narrow down on what exactly needed to be done to achieve co-iteration. I had an additional meeting with my mentor, and we established that we were just going to focus on iterating over n-levels i.e take in n levels and output an iterator that goes over all the levels simultaneously. We also applied for an extension because that little bit of extra time was required to achieve the objectives.

What I did this week

I read the paper thoroughly and discussed with my mentor about the implementation details and the metaprogram that was needed to output the iterator. I also began working seriously towards getting the code part done because this had already taken about 3 weeks...

What is coming up next

In the next week, I should be able to finish the merge lattice part with coiteration and start working on the iteration graph. I will also try working on presenting the approach for coiteration in the next TACO conference, if possible.

Did I get stuck anywhere

I did get stuck in many places and asked my questions to my mentor through github, gitter and also google meet. Eventually, I was able to get a clear picture of what had to be done.