Blog post #2

Published: 06/25/2019

Hello. Welcome to my second blog post.

The first evaluations have started. When I look back into last month, I realize that I have learnt a lot and grown into a better developer. So, I am glad that I'm a part of this program and organisation.

So, as discussed in the last blog post I am proud to inform that I have successfully created the IterationHandles module that take care of the iteration needs. And the best past about this module is that it is not limited to any() built-in optimization but can be reused in many other built-in optimizations as well. This module made my job very easy while optimizing "all" built-in.

abs() built-in optimization: While going through the original CPython implementations of this function I noticed that it is has a nb_absolute member which stores the absolute value of a variable, which means I had to manually add slots for every shapes (Eg. int, float). Now, this optimization needs a final touch up after review.

I am hoping to see those optimizations in next release.

Thank you for reading!