GSoC Wrap-up - Blog Post #6

Published: 08/22/2019

Hello everyone!

GSoC 2019 has almost come to an end! It's the time to wrap up this mega event started back in May 2019. Under the mentorship of Mentor Hayen, my learning experience has undergone a roller-coaster ride and it has not only boosted my growth as a developer but also as an individual. Over the last 3 months the followings are my major contributions to this project:

Built-ins Optimizations

The following are in progress: * "max" and "min": PR #442 <> * "zip": PR #462 <>

Test suite


And other minor doc fixes are added with their respective pull requests.

Over this period of time I have learnt a lot, starting from how to add new nodes to Nuitka and optimize them to optimization using reformulations. I plan to keep learning and contributing to Nuikta,


Thanks for stopping by!