Third Week

Published: 06/16/2019

What did you do this week?

In this week I started from where I left i.e adding create node for the added field in Plone CMS. After some minor changes and with the discussion with mentor the pr got merged and My first milestone which is first in three is completed. This is just POC of the milestone which is modified for the long term after I achieved all the milestone as mentioned in the proposal. After achieving the first milestone I started with second one i.e adding node for the modified field in Plone CMS. I created a initial pr regarding this milestone in this week which is under process. This pr generally contains a feature i.e when user make any changes in Plone backend the gatsby automatically knows that and create node for the updated field and user sees these changes without rebuild. This is handy feature when you are developing continuously and want to see the object how it looks in real world.

What is coming up next?

The above pr is related to second milestone and it need some modification before it merge into master. So my first priority is to merge this pr in coming week. Along with this 

  • Read Node Api of gatsby
  • Read codebase of gatsby-source-filesystem how they implemented the delete feature with filesyste

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I got stuck during the implementation of updating node related to folder section. In which if we change the parent node we also have to modified the all the children associated with it. I stuck for around a day solving this problem and finally I solve with some change in approach as I am doing in subsequent changes.

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Second Week

Published: 06/09/2019

What did you do this week?

In this week, I mostly spent my time reading the api of gatsby-source-filesystem and its implementation. Since  I also have to support the preview feature as gatsby-source-filesystem does, So most of concept I could learned from it. It also one of the requirements of my project. But making the api as gatsby-source-filesystem is not trivial one because gatsby-source-fileystem is based on file change and it works on watch event of file change. Where as Plone is a headless cms. To implement its feature we integrated the plone with the websocket and it is upcoming feature of Plone which is relaeased in version 5.3 but my mentor provided the docker image before its release, for this I am very thankful to my mentor @datakurre. My project consist of three milestones and I started with the first one adding preview for the added fields. You can see my pull request at


What is coming up next?

The Pr related to first milestone needed modification. It is just a initial commit regarding the first feature.

  • Some small issue will be still to resolved.
  • Refactoring the code and utilise the previous code.
  • Figuring out how to create breadcrumbs node and navigation node 


Did you get stuck anywhere?

Reading codebase written by others is not trivial one. Reading the api of gatsby-source-filesystem initially was a big headache but when I started reading this it became very simple. After understanding some api I am able to create the initial commit regarding the first milestone. Other than this I have a great time working on the project :)

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First Week

Published: 06/04/2019


What did I do this week?

During my first week of coding period, I implemented a webpsocket to talking with gatsby-source-plone and update the development In this week I established a websocket server and connected the websocket server to the gatsby-source-plone. I learned very much in this process, I learned how to create websocket and implement basic websocket api.

I also created a basis chat app while learning the

you can find the pr details below.


What Coming Next?

In following week I am going to implement the add node to the gatsby-source-plone

Read the api provided by gatsby-source-filesystem.

How gatsby-source-filesystem work behind the scene.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Not particularly, this week generally have to work with socket implementation. I have to figure out how api works with express other than that, I have a great time working on project.

Thanks for reading till the end!



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Introductory Post

Published: 05/24/2019

Hello everyone!

I am Alok Kumar(iFlameing) 2nd-year undergraduate as a Computer Science Major from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University(Katra, India). Thank you for selecting me as a GSOC student and for giving me the opportunity to work with @datakurre and with the Plone community. My skill sets Include Javascript, Html, CSS, Python. I am pretty proficient in react, node, and Gatsby which are the required skills for the project. My project idea is GatsbyJs Preview for Plone. we are managing the project using Github project board for technical part and for communication we are using Gitter channel

Currently, gatsby-source-plone plugin is unable to update, update, delete and create node after fetching data from Plone site unless GatsbyJs development server is manually restarted or GatsbyJs site is rebuilt. This project plan is to enhance existing project "gatsby-source-plone" with features that allow "gatsby develop" development server to provide up-to-date instant live previews of pages that contain data from a Plone CMS source. You can read more about the project and How I plan to achieve the project goal by going to this link4.

I applied to the GSOC program because It provides me a community where I can work with different people and hone my development skills. I can interact with amazing people who are working in the software development field for many years. Building something which is used by many of us and getting in the world of open source, stipend, and the t-shirt :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to utilize this community to get advice and tips from other participants, to be inspired by other peoples projects and ideas and to become better at D.I.Y solutions. I will be happy to hear about any topic related to my communication or technical skills where I can improve myself from the community.

Alok Kumar

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