Week 7 Blog July 31st, 2022

Published: 08/01/2022

What did you do this week?

I met with my mentor, John, who helped figure out how to grab the things we needed from the JupyterLab API and use it in our code. We looked into the local storage and saw where the files and the information in the files are saving to. We began writing a snippet to try and grab the information from the IndexDB. We continued messing around with that until we figured out that if we populate the ObjectStore within the database and provide the path via <var>?path=</var> then it will load the document. 

We also went onto the DFFML docs and John showed me how to write a db insertion function that works with already existing elements on the DFFML docs.

What is coming up next?

Continuing this work, we need to add all of this code to a file and load it using <var>add_js_file()</var> in the DFFML code base. We need to figure out how to trigger the loading of Jupyterlite, probably with an iFrame.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

A little bit, meeting with my mentor helped clarify a lot.