Creating a Strapi Plugin (Part 1)

Published: 07/15/2022

As I stated in my previous blog I will be working on a local Strapi Plugin to handle our Okta SSO authentication. So I started working on that. 

What did I do this week?

I started working on creating a local plugin for our backend which is created using Strapi which is a headless CMS. The need for plugin is that we want our users to use SSO authentication method. So making a plugin in Strapi has two faces one is which our admin sees that is UI and other is the backend part that is models, controllers etc associated with it.

The objectives of this plugin is -

  1. Create a redirect URI that can be consumed by the front-end of User story.
  2. Verify JWT tokens and secure the API routes.
  3. Sync the user database with Okta database.

What is coming up next?

After completion of UI of this plugin I will be working on backend part of this plugin and integration with our main site.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

While working on this plugin I was not able to use hot-reload but after talking with a developer relations manager of Strapi.js my doubts were cleared.