Getting in Touch

Please note that Python has a Community Code of Conduct and mentors and students working with the PSF are asked to abide by it as members of the Python community.

Mailing Lists.

Sign up to the gsoc-general(at) mailing list to get updates, reminders, and to discuss questions. Please join the list before you send a message!

The most common questions are answered here:

IRC / Live chat

Our IRC channel is #python-gsoc on (Don't know IRC? Learn more at

Specific sub-orgs

To talk with people from a specific sub-org, check their ideas page listing for their mailing lists, IRC, and other contact information.


  1. Read first. We've tried to answer the common questions on this site, and we get asked things like "How do I get started?" and "Where do I find easy bugs?" a lot. Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the student page for more!
  2. Be Patient! Our mentors typically have day jobs and can't always answer right-away. If you can't hang out on IRC for an answer, send an email instead.
  3. Ask questions directly on IRC. You don't need to introduce yourself or say hi first, just ask away!
  4. Communicate in public. That lets many mentors read your question so you can usually get an answer faster.

For mentors: All the gsoc admins can be reached at gsoc-admins(at)python(dot)org if you have questions about participating. (Students should email gsoc-general(at) with all of their questions, unless they are of a sensitive personal nature.)

Org admins

The 2019 Python Software Foundation (PSF) org admin team:

  • Terri Oda (terri on IRC) - focus areas: figurehead, making final decisions, website/documentation
  • James Lopeman (meflin on IRC) - focus areas: IRC, ideas pages reviews, saying no
  • John Hawley (warthog9 on IRC) - focus areas: infrastructure, advice, emergency mentoring/mentor supervision.
  • Matthew Lagoe (Botanic on IRC) - focus areas: student blogs, irc bot, marking sure things happen on time
  • Kushal Das (kushal on IRC) - focus areas: advice, time zone coverage

The org admins can be reached at gsoc-admins(at)python(dot)org (for mentors) Students should almost always visit Getting Started first, and email gsoc-general(at) only if you get stuck.

We also have some "org admins emeritus" who may be able to help you:

  • Florian Fuchs (florianf on IRC)
  • Stephen Turnbull (yaseppochi on IRC)