Blog Post #4: Course Writing Begins 📝

Published: 08/03/2021

The last week was a bit intense as it involved learning a lot of topics really fast. Since Code Snippets are the star of my project, I wanted to settle for nothing less than perfection. But now that is has been successfully implemented I can take a sigh of relief. The main technical part of my project is over. I have a fully functional course engine armed with 3 types of snippets ready to be deployed.

Now begins the second phase of my project viz. Course Writing. I have divided the entirety of Hub's features into two courses. The first one would cover the basics of Hub and enable everyone to use all of its main features like dataset accessing and uploading along with links to the visualization platform. Whereas the second one would cover the more advanced topic of parallel computing and how to use it to speed up the overall performance.

I have decided to write the basic script for my courses on Google Docs and share it with multiple people on the core team of Hub. Feedback is going to be crucial for this step as it will allow me to shape the course content much better.