Weekly Check-In #1: Setting Up 🌎

Published: 06/08/2021

What did I do this week?

I used the community bonding time to set up the documentation pipeline for my project. I decided on using ReadTheDocs, because who doesn't love free hosting and automated documentation. Since it integrates directly with Github Repositories and rebuilds itself automatically after every push, the entire process of keeping the documentation up to date is simplified.

What is coming next?

Now the main crux of my project begins, ie: Creating a Course Engine that can parse data files and serve courses over the terminal. I think I'll have to study how Python REPL works, that will be instrumental to this project. A package called Swirl has already done this in R. Maybe I'll take a look at them as well.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

ReadTheDocs was supposed to be simple, right? Well, it wasn't. Even after following their documentation to a T, the docs build was failing due to a Markdown module not found error. The module is called "myst-parser". so I had to dive deeper and try to understand how RTD handles module imports, I set up a configuration file and explicitly mentioned "myst-parser" as a dependency. It worked like a charm after that. Maybe I'll even open an issue in their repo regarding this issue.