GSoC: Let's get this started.

Published: 05/28/2019

Hey there and welcome to my Google Summer of Code blog!

For the next months, I will be working on improving Time-Frequency Analysis for source space projected data in MNE-Python.

After having set up my developing environment as well as working on some unrelated commits, I'm currently making the first steps for the actual project. Over the last weeks, me and some of the MNE members were discussing a more precise outline for the kind of data container object, in which we would like to store our newly created time-frequency transformed source data. The result of this discussion was a pretty cool type of container, that would store source space data in a very memory efficient way, which at the same time could drastically reduce the time needed for computing a time-frequency transform on it. However, creating such a class could even be made bigger, as to include any kind of `SourceEstimate` data type, and might lead to a significant restructuring of the entire source space API. While this task is probably too large to be handled within one single GSoC project, I'm currently starting out on creating a kind of a 'draft' class, which for now will only be used for the `SourceTFR` objects that i'll create during my project.

So there's a lot of interesting stuff coming up right now and I'm very excited to find out how it's going to turn out...

Stay tuned,