Week 2: Blog Post (#1)

Published: 06/10/2019

Last week, i got the first `SourceTFR` draft far enough to actually use it for TFR functions, which was the other main task this week.
The process was more or less like force feeding this alien object into a function constantly complaining, checking out every error it makes and trying to correct it. Yay!
The main task for now was pretty much juggling data fields around, until everything's fine and introducing new if cases for the `SourceEstimate` data types.
I don't really expect the function to produce correct time-frequency transforms at this point, but i think i'm getting closer and closer.

Unfortunately, i also had to work on another MNE pull request last week which cost me A LOT of time, yet i wasn't able to make much progress on it.
So this week, i'm going to focus more on the GSoC project, which is of course the more important thing to work on.

So for this week, I'm going to continue working on the multitaper TFR function and hope to produce some first results of time frequency transforms.