Week 0

Published: 06/01/2023

What did I do this week 

I have been getting to know my mentor, Dan (witten), and sharing my ideas with the community during the Community Bonding Period.

I had an introductory call with my mentor early on in the Community Bonding period where we discussed how he can best mentor me and what is expected of me during the GSoC period, we shared our past work experiences  and I was excited to work with him!

I have talked to all other mentors to get a review for my Vorta designs as well.

I shared a design I plan on implementing for the Vorta Exclude GUI here - https://github.com/borgbase/vorta/issues/907

and opened a Draft PR for my second project, Bootstrap command for Borgmatic here - https://github.com/borgmatic-collective/borgmatic/pull/71.

Additionally, I have been working on getting my previous Pull Requests merged.

Did I get stuck somewhere

I was having trouble using argparse for Borgmatic#71, but witten helped me understand how things work and I was able to complete the parsing side of things!

What's Next

Next week, I plan on getting my first GSoC PR merged, for Bootstrapping a restore from nothing. I'll keep improving the feature later if I have more time, but witten and I are satisfied with the current scope of the project too.

Other than that, I'll start working on my second project, restoring a database backup to a different hostname/database name.