Week 12

Published: 08/21/2023

What Did I do this week

I finally got my last PR, "Exclude GUI..." approved this week, and it should be merged anytime now! What a journey. I was nervous about this one since the start of GSoC because of my lack of experience with Qt, but these 3 months have taught me a lot about not only Qt, but various other technical and non-technical skills too. I started working on my Final GSoC report and will submit my work soon. The next blog will probably be my last one, time flies.

Did I get stuck somewhere


What's next

It's a bittersweet moment. GSoC will end this week, but it was a great one, and I'll cherish these memories forever! My mentors have been really supportive and understanding, I wish to return the favour by contributing more to the repositories I contributed to, this way I won't lose touch with them too! Anyway, this week I plan to complete and submit my final GSoC report.