Week 2

Published: 06/12/2023

What did I do this week

I merged my first PR this week! With this, my first GSoC project has been completed, there is some documentation that I need to add for this feature to the Borgmatic docs, and I'm planning to do that this week. My plan was to complete this task in 2 weeks and I've been successful in doing that. I worked on writing tests for this PR, and getting the final thing reviewed by witten. Things are comparatively a liiiitle slow on the Vorta side, but I'll (try to) get 3 of my PRs merged this week out of the 5 tasks I'm doing as part of my first Vorta project. 

Did I get stuck somewhere

Yup, writing tests for my Borgmatic feature was difficult initially, but witten trusted me and gave me just enough hints so I could take complete ownership of the task and finish it myself! I was really happy to get it merged, thanks to his inputs. Also got a pretty good quote from him I'm gonna remember when I write tests next time:

Tests should be about defining and enforcing the contract that a unit under test has with its caller. If a part of the contract isn't defined in the tests, then it's not part of the contract.

What's next

I'll get my 2 open Vorta PRs merged and might get a 3rd one merged too. For the last 2, I'll do them next week, I have some code for one of them ready right now, just need to refactor and update it a bit. For Borgmatic, I'll start working on my second project today and might get a PR in by the end of this week. The plan to complete everything except "Exclude GUI..." in June itself is still on!