Weekly Blog Post 8

Published: 07/26/2022

What did I do this week?

I carried out following tasks this week:

  • Fix warning caused by Debug Toolbar
    • There was an error being thrown by the debug toolbar on the mentor's side.
    • I hadn't set up debug toolbar so I went ahead and set it up on my system.
    • I used similar settings as the mentor but couldn't get the warning on my side
    • So I updated the code as per the Django Debug Toolbar documentation
    • That might fix the warning from occuring
  • Fix student template issue
    • Error was being thrown by the system saying that student_template variable was accessed before it's declaration.
    • I went ahead and searched for the issues underlying it.
    • Found out that we had set first_post_reminder_days value to negative
    • Which was causing the condition set up on the script to not procceed
    • I updated the days value and it was ready to go

What I am planning for next week?

Next week I will be working on implementing midterm and final evaluation reminder system.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Whenever I encountered any issues, I contacted botanic. He provided me with a pretty good explanation of the problems.