Weekly Blog Post #4

Published: 07/16/2022

Hello! My name is Anant Vijay, a sophomore pursuing Computer Science and Engineering. I will be adding support for improving the detection capabilities for CVE Binary Tool during Google Summer of Code 2022.

What did I do this week?

I spent the week refactoring the remaining language parsers, namely the Java and Python parsers. The refactor had led to various bugs in the code and hence had to spent a lot of time removing those. Refactoring all the parsers led me to new efficient abstraction ideas which I have discussed with my mentors and would be implementing them on a later date. 

What is coming up next?

In the coming week I will be improving the tests for the existing language parsers as well as start working on the proposed API which would further simplify the process of using language parsers.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

I did not get stuck anywhere this week and was able to handle everything easily.