Blog post: Week 6

Published: 07/07/2019

This week I worked on how to make a TARDIS atomic file. This is an intermediate step necessary towards the work scheduled for the next weeks.

Carsus is the subpackage in charge to parse and ingest atomic data from different sources into a SQL database. Once the data is ingested we can dump this data into the HDF5 file requested by TARDIS to run the simulations.

The Carsus data model includes classes like: Atom, Ion, Level, and more. It was a bit hard to understand for me at the beggining, but it worked out.

By now, we can ingest atomic data from three different sources: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Kurucz line list (GFALL), and the Chianti atomic database. Our main goal for the next weeks is to write code to ingest data obtained from the CMFGEN parsers (the code we wrote for the first half of GSoC) in the SQL database.

I found an annoying bug which made impossible to ingest data from GFALL without adding NIST data in first place. Debugging this error was very time consuming and we have not found a solution yet.